The story of ARCH

ARCH was founded in 1989 to fabricate architectural scale models.  In the late 90s, using the same expertise, technology, and machinery, ARCH diversified into the gift industry – filling the much-needed vacuum for premium quality corporate and tourist related gifts with distinctive detailing.

Driven by a passion for architecture, ANDREW LEE – founder and CEO, designed his initial range of veneer art pieces on heritage buildings and iconic landmarks.  Over time, to meet the demands of different market segment, the range of designs expanded to include flora and fauna and a wide range of cultural and heritage themes.

Today, ARCH is a brand represented by an extraordinary range of made-in-Malaysia products that capture the uniqueness of some of the world’s greatest heritage landmarks. From small yet intricately fashioned items like magnets and bookmarks to one-of-a-kind commissions, each piece is unique.

ARCH designs and produces unique gifts and souvenirs made of wood veneer obtained from sustainable sources.  The hand-assembled 2-dimensional art piece and 3-dimensional miniatures are created by layering many pieces of laser-cut veneer. Each piece is an original and finished with fine details.

ARCH founder’s dream of establishing an ARCH Visitor Center was finally realized. We are now the operator of a unique tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur – KUALA LUMPUR CITY GALLERY!
ARCH owns and manages the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery which tells the story of Kuala Lumpur through photos, prints, and miniatures. It is located in a NATIONAL HERITAGE building within the historical enclave of Dataran Merdeka.
The highlight of the gallery is the magnificent Kuala Lumpur City Model, which showcases the city’s past, present, and future. With this model, locals and tourists will greatly experience Kuala Lumpur in a most spectacular way!

Corporate mission

ARCH hopes to inspire a greater appreciation and awareness of heritage issues, architectural and cultural,  through it art pieces. Our designs capture images of the world’s most recognizable buildings and landmarks.

Over the years, ARCH has accumulated a good digital archive of world monuments and heritage with the view of making this information, images and measured drawings available to the general public.


Andrew J. K. Lee, the Founder of ARCH is a man who greatly inspires innovation.  This is what led him to acquire his skills in architectural modelling.  Today, ARCH is one of the largest model-making companies in Asia.

Andrew documented and created the first guided Kuala Lumpur Walks & Tours Map and established Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, a true reflection of his appreciation towards the city.  This inspired him on to create the iconic I LOVE KL structure and

The Spectacular City Model Show.

With these self-funded efforts and initiatives, Andrew moulds his stories into unique ARCH Kuala Lumpur gifts to the World.

That’s his commitment to “Innovating the Past for the Future”.